How to apply

The application process at Al Rowad International School consists of three stages.

Stage 1: Application

Families who wish to apply for a place for their child at Al Rowad are required to submit an application form (online or at school) accompanied by paying application fees. Once we have received your application form, a member of our admissions’ team will contact you shortly to arrange a time for you and your child to visit the school and complete the application process. Please note that you will have to bring the originals and copies of the documents listed below for the interview:

  • Both parents’ ID
  • Your child’s birth certificate 
  • 6 recent passport size photos for your child
  • Your child’s health and immunization documentation
  • The most recent report from your child’s school
  • Previous school year report(s) from your child’s school
  • Any other relevant reports relating to your child’s specific learning needs or requirements

Please note that the application fee must be paid into our school’s account before you attend the interview and assessment.  

Stage 2: Interview and Assessment

Once we have processed your application, an interview and assessment for your child will be scheduled. A member of our admissions’ team will provide you information on the interview and assessment before you join us on the scheduled day. Our team will meet with the parents and the child to discuss the application and the child’s specific interests, needs and talents.

Stage 3: Acceptance

Upon accepting the child to join the school, the registration fees & school fees must be paid (in full or on term bases payment) within three weeks of the child’s acceptance. The fees for the uniform, books or educational instruments and the bus fees (when required) must be paid before joining the school.

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